Vanessa Teklenburg


Freedom Crusader

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Who do you need to become?


I remember as a young girl thinking and feeling deep down that there had to be more to life than what was put before us. I've always believed in possibility, in there being a much bigger, more expansive life outside of the constraints that we place on ourselves.

On the way to embodying that belief, there had to be a lot of peeling back, some things of the bring-you-to-your-knees kind. A Maths and French graduate, then freelance food and travel writer, I find myself at the blossoming age of 40, a mother of two boys, having crafted a business where I get paid to practise a life of wellness, personal growth and leadership. Welcome.


I’m a life and business mentor. A natural health educator. A teacher and most importantly a life-long devoted learner. Life school has been an incredible discovery and undeniably the most rewarding school for me, and it’s the same school our boys have chosen. Together with my husband, we are all Freedom Crusaders choosing what brings us joy and deeper wellbeing.


I lead women to Remember, Rise and live a Revolutionary life through radiant health, a higher awareness and conscious collaboration. What started this and what makes this possible?

doTERRA essential oils.

These oils entered my world in 2015. Oils that supported me through low points, that empowered me to step up with my wellness, weaving more presence, beauty and ritual into my life, helping my family and I in releasing and detoxing. Essential oils, pure and unadulterated, are one of the finest gifts from the earth that help promote powerful physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and yet over time we have forgotten this. We have forgotten Mother Nature’s power, just like we’ve forgotten our inherent power. So many people have been been led to rediscover this path and appreciate the genius and innate properties of essential oils once again. And I am one of those people.

Through this gift, they allow me to take care of myself and my family, restore balance in our bodies, uplift and invigorate my senses, clear and relax my mind, enhance focus and creativity, replenish and nourish my skin, stimulate and strengthen immunity, protect cellular health, promote deep restful sleep and find pleasure every single day.

I want this for you too. I want you to receive the medicine of returning home to you through this gift and through finding your way to a higher way of living.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing your own oils at wholesale prices and having immediate access to my resources and group education programs or whether you’re curious about the business side, I welcome hearing from you.


It’s time to wake your magnificence from its dormancy


 “The things we want out of life have a remarkable way of falling into place when we take our healing seriously

Yung Pueblo